Key Cutting

We'll cut your keys while you wait. We cut all of the general cylinder, Yale flat type of keys, including double glazed doors, garage, padlock and locker types, as well as Mortice, i.e. Chubb, Union, Legge, Era and many others.

We pride ourselves on being the best Key Cutters in Oundle, so drop by our shop or give us a call on: 01832-275-414

Knife Sharpening

Modern households have many different knives, and they will all need sharpening at one point or another. Some people try to sharpen them at home using a knife steel, but this just doesn't work when you have the now common Ice-Hardened knives.

No, to sharpen these knives you need a Ceramic or Diamond-edged Sharpener, and this is the service we provide. Our on-site machine will re-edge all types of domestic cookware knives; from Kitchen Devil to Global Henkel Wusthaff.

NOTE: Please bring your knives wrapped in a towel or protective covering, as they will be sharp once finished!

To find out more or to make a booking call us on: 01832-275-414